We are a strong and dedicated team of creative reuse professionals who love diverting usable waste from the waste stream and making creative materials accessible to teachers, parents, kids, hobbyists, crafters, artisans, creative entrepreneurs and, well, everyone.


Malia Matsumoto


Hometown: Born Honolulu, HI, raised Ocean Beach, CA  
Current Residence: Blue Lake, CA  
Been at SCRAP since: 2017  
SCRAP expertise: As an Extreme Ultimate Supreme Craft Master I am excellent at creative problem solving and imaginative ways to use materials.  
Favorite store item: I love the weird random items that spark a new project idea that I would have never dreamed of before.  
Favorite creative reuse project: I knit a three-foot wide banner that spanned the Arcata footbridge over Highway 101, that said, “Create Today.”    
What they’re up to off the clock: Fun! Working in my art studio, playing with my dog at the river, Kinetic Sculpture racing, gardening, cooking crazy fun food, sewing my own clothes and anything else I can dream up!



Van Donohue

Reuse Specialist

Hometown: Aliso Viejo, CA  
Current Residence: Eureka  
Been at SCRAP since: 2019  
SCRAP expertise: Creating fun and colorful displays  
Favorite store item: I love looking through old photos and thinking of all the forgotten stories behind them.   
Favorite creative reuse project: Dismantling old jewelry to create new, unique things to wear. 
What they’re up to off the clock: Working in the garden or in my art studio!


Zena Bardelas

Community Outreach Specialist

Hometown: Born in California, raised all over Oregon and Idaho.   
Current Residence: Eureka, CA  
Been at SCRAP since: 2018  
SCRAP expertise: Dreaming up and executing fun projects that involve creative reuse. Networking with, and learning from our great community.   
Favorite store item: Textiles and paper. Anything rusty, worn or weathered. Amateur art projects, finished or not.   
Favorite creative reuse project: Using discarded objects for multi-media art projects.  
What they’re up to off the clock: Sewing, crafting, drawing, painting, graphic design, hiking, sitting still, cooking, Kinetic Sculpture racing, and spending time with family.

Scrap Squad

Jenna Catsos - Captain  
Mir de Silva  
 Jourdan O’Hanen  
Donna Luckey  
Malou Bledsoe  
Jourdan Farmer  
Ravell Moss  
Corin Balkovek

J.V. Squad

Maureen Hart  
Alex Stillman  
Jessy English-Johnson  
Jill Moore  
Patti Johnson  
Ronnie Chausse  
Suzie Fortner  
Tibora Girczyc-Blum  
Alicia Hamann

In Memoriam: Athena Rose & Therin Brooks


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